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    Thank you @Thomasss it sure has been! Just trying to clear my client workload debt so I can get...

    Thank you @Thomasss it sure has been! Just trying to clear my client workload debt so I can get back to the true work I love to do. Grateful for that kind of problem, but please don't tell my clients I called their websites "debt". :) Wishing you the same good will and you have my full support...
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    Staff Ratio?

    I think there is some merit to a staff-to-active-member ratio as I want to be a part of a community that has "organic" content from members like me. The rewording of a lite moderator position to something like "community advocate" is slick as it makes it feel like more of a regular member. I'd...
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    Official Theme Updates - New Default Theme?!

    Forumer has the best dark theme around—nice work gentlemen.
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    Official New Team Member: Katos

    Congrats! This is a big milestone for the site and the most obvious choice with the experience you bring here.
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    Are we becoming more disconnected by Technology

    This has been a battle in my own life, as I'm sure many can relate, and I think the more useful examination to make is how technology has affected the quality of your life. Being connected to technology has been a net positive for humanity for the sheer amount of knowledge that is now available...
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    Welcome. I appreciate the quality of your posts around here so far and look forward to what's coming next. See you around!
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    Color schemes

    Have to agree, never really take dark themes seriously and after this thread I made the switch and don't think I will be going back!
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    I have gone to great lengths to ensure the frontend features of my product do not use jQuery (or other libraries), and while tough at times it has been a worthwhile pursuit to level up my JavaScript skills and is a performance hit my customers sites do not have to take. ...until they inevitably...
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    Mobile First

    This is a great distinction - are there any specific optimizations you've made that have benefited guest registration rate? I currently don't do anything but show a basic banner on mobile encouraging to signup to get customer support.
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    Saying hello

    Just to escalate this,h as there ever been an InvisionFree reunion? :D I really am curious to know how many people from that era are still active. Gotta pay homage to the OG's. ? My first thought exactly, hoping @Thomasss can pull off a miracle.
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    Comment by 'Pandemix' in item 'Chatting Time'

    Killer theme and great content - I had no idea phpBB could work so good!
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    Accepted Members recently online vs. currently online

    Fair point, which is why I've cranked mine to 48 hours (heh). With this forum's level of activity I see the odds of it displaying zero extremely low vs. now where it is usually empty.
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    Paid Forum Software

    I have noticed my XF forums runs far smoother and without the random database connection errors my IPB forum consistently threw - and I don't even have a large forum. Overall my biggest downer about IPB was how sterile the design looks, and even 4.5 while much improved still gives me that same...
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    How do you access

    Flip phone since 2018, though it does have an Internet browser I've never used. ?