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  1. Thomasss


    I've added two at the moment - more to come. ❤
  2. Thomasss


    I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Stay tuned! :)
  3. Thomasss

    Making your own logos?

    Hah, same. Made it super easy for our logo here and other logos I’ve done - I prefer more text based logos with little complicated design elements.
  4. Thomasss

    MyBB 1.9

    It’s honestly not bad looking and I’m kinda excited to see what else they come up with. It’s definitely catching up to the more modern softwares for sure. @Katos, any ideas of when they want to release 1.9? Is it still in early development?
  5. Thomasss

    Advertising Alternatives

    Before resorting to any of those, I’d usually just do this all in house.Take away full percentages and most softwares have this capability either built in or as an add on. I know IPB has a strong advertisement system built in that puts BuySellAds to shame.
  6. Thomasss

    What do you use for hosting?

    Which shared hosting company do you use? It’s hard to find a shared hosting that doesn’t slow down the site in some way or another.
  7. Thomasss

    Website review:

    I do like the overall design! How much traffic do you average a month?
  8. Thomasss

    Finding Staff

    I’d check out other webmaster communities and see if anyone had any interest. Otherwise, I’d only hire from within if it was an option.
  9. Thomasss

    Colorful Usernames/Shiny Usernames

    check out @ThemeHouse ’s website, they have what you’re looking for and for free. ;)
  10. Thomasss

    Guest Posting

    I mean, if someone wants to post on your forum, you’d think they would join too? It literally takes about 15 seconds (Here anyway) and boom, you’re done and able to post. I understand guest viewing, not guest posting. Opens you up to spam and all kinds of fun.
  11. Thomasss

    What car do you drive?

    Part of the reason why I got it! Haha.
  12. Thomasss

    Empire is back!

    Wasnt an option. 😂
  13. Thomasss

    Empire is back!

    Hey! Welcome to Forumer! We have the domain from WF, not the database. :)
  14. Thomasss


    Feel free to shoot some ideas out of badges y’all would like to have implemented! :)
  15. Thomasss

    Charity Giving Back to the Front Lines - COVID-19 Giveback

    We did it everyone! We got to our goal of $650.00, right before the campaign ended! Thank you so much for everyone who posted and helped contribute! ❤
  16. Thomasss

    ProBoards and Role-play Forums

    Oh mentioned PB... I was on PB a while ago and it's always been full of those overly tacky general discussion boards and RolePlay forums. It's basically their niche of members/customers. :P
  17. Thomasss

    Profile Posts?

    This ^ Unless your site uses it to say "hello!" or "how are you?! Haven't seen you in a while. " type of posts, it's more useless than anything. :p It's like your timeline on Facebook. :P
  18. Thomasss

    Have you ever created a forum software?

    What fun updates do you have for your forum software? I'm intrigued! :D
  19. Thomasss

    Profile Posts?

    I've debated disabling the profile posts all together. Even on the big forums I have seen, it's rarely used.