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  1. Azareal

    Can forums become too big?

    Reddit is a fine example of a forum which has become too big. The large subreddits as-well. The cliques and the hive-mind are very strong there.
  2. Azareal

    Logo/Design Changes based on Events?

    No, I don't trust sites / companies who do it either, when previously they may not have cared in the slightest. I'm trying to be inclusive without the fanfare, although some might think I'm too inclusive :p Political action is more for existential threats to sites / software, like the only...
  3. Azareal

    "Too many webmaster forums"

    A lot of people don't understand what an admin forum entails. An admin forum is a subset of the webmaster genre and it is a small niche by it's very nature which limits how many people you're going to be able to draw in. Handling them effectively requires a lot of specialised knowledge and...
  4. Azareal

    Are you an emotional person?

    Embarrassingly so, although never when I should and sometimes not much so.
  5. Azareal

    What makes you sign up?

    It has to be a reputable company with reasonable prices and decent business practices. DigitalOcean was kind of cool, but there have been scandals lately where an algorithm randomly suspends someone for "abusive usage" and they have to go screaming on Twitter until a big crowd forms and the...
  6. Azareal

    Discord Channels?

    Discord can't kill your forum if your forum is already dead ;)
  7. Azareal

    Have you ever created a forum software?

    A website comes in two parts. What runs on the server and what runs on the client (in theory, you could do a P2P site but that is far more intricate :p). On the server, you might run Node (server side JavaScript), Go, Python, and more traditionally, PHP. On the client, you would have HTML, CSS...
  8. Azareal

    Appeals Procedure

    No one has appealed anything I have meted out. I am fairly chill so I don't usually hand out punishments and I have the sort of personality that pushes away troublemakers before they become a problem :P
  9. Azareal

    Light vs Dark Themes

    Any perspective is welcome!
  10. Azareal

    Secure Sockets Layer 🔒

    The name is deprecated in favour of TLS :P TLS is a prerequisite of using HTTP/2 which may improve your site's performance. HTTP/2 may be obsolete soon with HTTP/3 taking over, although I can see HTTP/2 being around for a really long time. HTTP/3 uses UDP and is encrypted as-well. You can use...
  11. Azareal

    Visual Studio Code

    VSCode has a lot of cool features, although it eats resources like a hungry hippo :p Notepad++ is a rock. You could have a thousand crashes and not lose your data.
  12. Azareal

    Light vs Dark Themes

    The war that has been waged since ancient times, light. vs. dark. Everyone has their own preference about whether they prefer a light theme or a dark theme. There are useful properties too, like light themes conveying a professional air and dark themes getting across a casual atmosphere where...
  13. Azareal

    Growing in an invite only community?

    It really depends on what the community is for, it is hard to give you advice on it otherwise. If the community is sufficiently compelling for someone to join, you may be able to reach people on similar sites, although it will be very difficult to kick-start it. You would almost certainly need a...
  14. Azareal

    I thought of sparking a debate on the whole criminal justice / mental health reform subject, but...

    I thought of sparking a debate on the whole criminal justice / mental health reform subject, but oh boy, is that a can of worms :P
  15. Azareal

    How do you handle the upgrades with active community?

    It depends on what sort of upgrade it is. A lot of upgrades I can do with a backup and being largely safe in the knowledge that things are unlikely to go wrong, but always, always, always make a backup. It also depends on the level of traffic on the site. You don't want a large site to be down...
  16. Azareal

    Traffic & Advertising

    Tell your friends about your site. Reddit could be a good site to leverage, as is Twitter. You may also want some unique cool killer features. You want content, lots and lots of content. Look for ways to distinguish your site from the crowd. We may be able to help you further if we knew...