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  1. jyy

    Accepted Need Usernames merged

    TheJason posts need to be merged under jyy - as this is the same person. Thanks.
  2. jyy

    Do you have an SEO stragegy?

    I think being "strict" on every SEO strategy is mostly overrated. Well, the big thing on Google now I think is "typing in the brand". In other words, if people are typing in your website into search engines, then you have the biggest boost. Well, this is an educated opinion. Don't trust me...
  3. jyy

    Ambassador Programs

    I think it's awesome - but sometimes it might seem like "selling out" - LOL. I guess it depends on your audience. Anyhow, money talks, though.
  4. jyy

    how much does your hosting cost per month?

    I've upgraded to a bigger package for the VPS - something around $180 a month. Anyhow, I sort of regret it, but maybe not. Well, I figure this is my passion - so I want the best.
  5. jyy

    Who has tried domaining?

    That would be the "buying and selling of domains".   :D  Anyhow, to win it seems like a list would be needed - like with everything else.  Well, I mean a social media page etc. and/or email list.
  6. jyy

    Google AdSense

    I seriously don't know how Adsense gets regular folks - cause SEO is way difficult these days. Well, the only way to win it seems - is buying a site that already gets organic traffic.
  7. jyy

    Cloudflare - Do you use it?

    Yeah, at least one host is making a killing ripping people off on this stuff - like charging 100 dollars a year for an SSL thing installed, something like that - LOL.
  8. jyy

    Coronavirus Scare

    Regarding the US, travel from Europe banned now - and also NBA season postponed!
  9. jyy

    Paid Forum Software

    What do you feel is the best? What is the best value? Myself, I haven't used non-XenForo software - minus a small time with IPB. Well, in other words, I don't have the vast experience to comment. Anyway, I tend to stick with XenForo - cause I like these two mobile friendly themes. Also...
  10. jyy

    Free Forum Software

    What types do you prefer? How do you compare them to paid software? Myself, at the least, I know MyBB and phpBB are quite good and well maintained. Advantages of SMF and WordPress Forums Well, for inexperienced website owners - they might like the fact that SMF and WordPress forums like...
  11. jyy

    SEO Strength Measurements - Useful or not?

    Some have heard of things like DR, PA, DA, TF, CF - but of what effect are they do SEO? Well, for one thing, they all aren't equal. For instance, I have seen high DA sites - that aren't much, SEO-wise. Well, for one thing - low-quality backlinks can positively influence it - not a good sign...
  12. jyy

    Buying Social Media Followers

    You should be suspicious - because unless you are buying from the social media company, you could very well be getting people - who are only following for money. Well, in that case, they aren't interested in your product! Well, there's a good chance of it. Does anyone agree? Anyway, buying...
  13. jyy

    The money is in the list - not always!

    It's important to build a relationship with the list. I mean, look at all the spam emails. Do you think they are successful, generally? Well, considering how many people hate them, I'd say not - and it's because the iist makers often have a bad relationship with their lists, obviously. O.K...
  14. jyy

    Pitching a Sale

    As some know, it's way more difficult to sell to cold traffic. Well, that would be traffic that isn't in the mood to buy. Anyway, though, that's not saying the cold traffic won't buy - but it's a way tougher sale. Anyway, the main goal of marketing is to warm up the cold traffic - assuming...
  15. jyy

    Facebook Page: How do you get likes?

    Unfortunately, payment is the only useful solution - even if the material is top-notch!
  16. jyy

    Building an Email List

    Well, there is a serious advantage to building an email list - at least in comparison to Facebook. Well, building a Facebook page or group cost money - over and over. However, the cost of building an email list - is one time - mostly. Well, you might have to pay some email mailing system...
  17. jyy

    Building a List with Facebook

    As they say, "The money's in the list." - and that list can be an email and/or social media one. Anyway, with Facebook, here are some tips: First, of all, building a page will cost money - as most people will have to pay Facebook to grow it. However, though, it's still a way wiser investment...
  18. jyy

    Ad Blockers

    People don't like ads, to be honest. In that case, I'd rather just avoid ads and have some classified section to make money. Well, the strategy behind one of them involves people paying for placement and/or bumped placement. Who has seen that? Were you impressed?
  19. jyy

    Forum Currency

    I had it on my biz forum once - and it's very fun. In fact, I'd like to put it back. Anything worthwhile will cost money, whether traffic or the stuff you mentioned. Well, it is possible to build up a forum via exchanges for free - and some have done splendid jobs, but it's the exception to...