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    "Too many webmaster forums"

    That's not very nice, who are you referring to, the thread starter on FP or someone else?
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    Hello, I'm Erin!

    Welcome Erin and good luck with your job search. I work in IT in Ireland (automated software testing). My experience is that Covid is causing a slow down in employment at the moment. Companies are delaying their hiring plans and many industries are affected. Some areas of IT are experiencing...
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    I really enjoy LInkedIn and find it a useful way to keep in touch with contacts and industry news. Always happy to connect
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    Gab A Ton Community

    Nice looking forum, I do like that dark theme, it is very appealing and user-friendly. Good luck with your community. The domain name is also reasonably short, memorable and a dot com which is a bonus.
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    3D Printing

    I have never used a 3D printer, but with all the positive stories that have been coming out about how people have used their 3D printers to help with the Covid 19 crisis response, I have been thinking exactly the same as you Esmee. Would be interested to hear about how difficutl / expensive it...
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    Chillerr | General Discussion Forum

    Nice looking forum, both the dark and light themes are really nice. The name is also cool, pun intended :) Wishing you good luck and every success with it.
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    Visual Studio Code

    I use Visual Studio for a little C programming and have used it in the past for C#. How does Visual Studio Code compare to Visual Studio?
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    Website Review - Share YouTube Videos

    Nice looking forum Alexander and I do like the idea behind it. Does the site have its own domain, or will you be maintaining it on TapaTalk? What is your experience and opinion of using TapaTalk so far?
  9. F - Community

    Well done on grabbing that, it is an excellent domain and probably worth a decent price now.
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    Website Review: Creators Wave

    I really do like the simple and straight-forward design, it is very pleasing to the eye and user-friendly. Good luck and continued success.
  11. F - Community

    The site looks great, very professional, I hope it will be very successful for you. I've followed it on Twitter and liked on FaceBook. The domain is great, have you owned it for long? Did you register it from new yourself or did you buy it from someone else?
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    Chatting Time

    The theme looks great and it is good to see that you have had over 1,000 posts since you started this topic. Good to see you here Ashley, best wishes for the continued growth of your community.
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    Kodi Beginner

    The site looks great, the domain name is excellent and the content will be very useful for lots of people. Wishing you good luck and every success with it.
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    Gaming Forum -

    The forum looks great JoyFreak and I do like the way you have very few forum sections, only 2 that I see. You have obviously put a lot of work into it and are very committed to adding content. It would be interesting to see what you can do to encourage more member engagement and discussion. Have...
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    Hi All!

    Thanks everyone for the kind welcome.
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    Even more groggy after a nap?

    If you drink coffee, something that can help with that is to drink a cup of coffee before you take your nap. It takes about 20 minutes for the caffeine to kick in, so you can still sleep on your nap, but feel a little more awake when you wake up. Obviously it's not healthy to drink too much...
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    Hi All!

    Delighted to join this community, the site looks excellent, well done to the Admins and all involve. I'm Fergal, have owned a small number of forums and my current site is ForumCoin. Great to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know you.
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    Xyphien Here

    Welcome Xyphien, good to meet you here. Do you have a link to further info on those services?