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  1. Katos

    SysAdmins Lounge

    Some great stuff coming out on the site! Proud to be a part of it <3
  2. Katos

    Asperger’s Network

    Looking good Ben! Cant want to see more :)
  3. Katos

    What are YOUR top 5 tips for somebody starting a new website

    Not sure I agree with all of these. I agree with finding the correct host - SLA and uptime guarantee is important. I, and many others (@s3_gunzel) do not like control panels, and prefer to keep our servers minimal. Adding a control panel ontop of this just introduces an unnecessary security...
  4. Katos


    With Flarum focussing on Stable and focussing on a ‘light-at-core’ minimalist approach it isn’t there yet. There are plans to add this to core down the line though :-)
  5. Katos

    Problems with MyBB

    As per the documentation and official communication, you need to update your themes. You can find a guide to this here; Authorization code mismatch. (Even have this problem)
  6. Katos

    Your newest member!

    Ahoy, matey! Welcome to Forumer <3
  7. Katos


    Ahoy all! It's been a busy day here at CreatorsWave! We've identified a process that led to high latency on the frontend, which has now been resolved (Creators Wave Status's Statuspage Powered by Freshstatus | Incident details) We've introduced a brand new email digest solution, allowing...
  8. Katos

    Mountains or Beach?

    I'm with @s3_gunzel - both. Though I'm not quite as fortunate as him with his surroundings!
  9. Katos


    We have rolled out a new feature to Creators Wave that will allow you to select your roles on registration. This will help us to identify Designers, Developers, Photographers, Videographers and Musical Producers from the outset. In the future, this information will then be used for custom...
  10. Katos

    Do you have any projects in progress?

    A couple of projects in the work at the moment ! :-)
  11. Katos

    Making your own forum design

    Have made a number of my own designs for CreatorsWave over the years, as well as other projects that I run. I'm also potentially going into a partnership to release free and premium designs for MyBB - but that's up in the air currently.
  12. Katos

    Hey Its Nabix

    Welcome to the community @Nabix ! :)
  13. Katos

    What are YOUR top 5 tips for somebody starting a new website

    Glad to see that you're finding use from this thread! :)
  14. Katos

    Would you hire outside staff?

    Interesting. And how do you handle community backlash, from users who may (potentially) have been there for years, in comparison?
  15. Katos

    Putting your foot down on drama?

    Personally wouldn't call "on-topic and add creativity to the discussion" drama, but hey-ho.
  16. Katos

    Demoting Staff? Absent Staff?

    Agreed, this is why we have a culture of advising the team when people will be away. On some forums, they even move the long-term vacationing staff to a "Staff-Away" rank, which removes access to staff sections temporarily, to prevent risk of account take-over whilst the user is away.
  17. Katos


    D'you know, way back when I actually conducted a survey as part of a site that I was assisting on, where we interviewed a number of web masters about the length of their rules. The majority answered at around 2-3 pages worth of rules to be the average. When we opened the survey to members, they...
  18. Katos

    Guest Posting

    Not gonna lie, that's quite a neat feature to be fair.
  19. Katos

    Colorful Usernames/Shiny Usernames

    Other motives for donation or 'upgrades' can be considered. Rainbow, shiny usernames is not one of them.