Buying banner advertising space


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Have you found that it helps your forum to buy banner advertising space on other forums or blogs? Does anyone really click through to those at all or is it mainly ignored?

If I had some extra cash I'd like to do this in the future but if a lot of forum admins say it's not worth it then I will listen to their advice.


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Feb 23, 2020
This is not different from Google Ads, but you need a good banner so people will click on it, and the price should be reasonable according to the traffic of the website where you want to buy the space.

Joshua Farrell

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Nov 17, 2019
I haven't bought physical ad space in a few years, but I guess it can be useful, if targeted to the right audience. Advertising a Webmaster Service on a Sports forum as an example, would get very little in results from the advertising, as most people on that forum, probably wouldn't be interested in something like that, when they are there to talk about sports.


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Apr 19, 2020
I don't see any reason you wouldn't benefit from having an ad on someones site. It really just comes down to whether or not it's expensive or not. Some administrators like to over-charge on ads but don't have the traffic to back it up. If the user has a lot of traffic I can see charging a little bit more but it all depends on how long the ads up... etc

Overall it's not that bad of an idea. Not to mention swapping ad space with other site owners sometimes works as well. Which is another idea.


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May 10, 2020
I think it can help if you purchase advertising space on a popular forum, blog or website and the target audience is correct. Advertising your Sports Forum on a Anime Forum, for example may not be a successful ad campaign. My answer to your question is that it does depend on a number of different factors as to whether you should consider buying advertising space.

You should also consider purchasing other users signature space to market your banner.