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Nov 6, 2019
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Community Showcase Guidelines

Welcome to our Community Showcase! Our goal is to provide our community members a place to show off their website to the rest of! Here are few guidelines for the board.
  • Sites must be appropriate to advertise. Sites dedicated to illegal activities, or promoting such, are not allowed to be showcased.​
  • Adult Content related sites is not allowed to be showcased.​
  • Sites must have the majority of their boards/content public for guest access.​
  • When bumping your thread, don’t just post “Bump” or “Join my site” or just stats - post something valuable. Some recent threads or updates/changes you’ve made to your site, for example, will keep your topic interesting. Pointless bumps will be removed at the moderators discretion.​

Sites must be approved before becoming public. You may bump your thread daily, however, these posts will not count against your monthly 10 that is required to maintain your showcase thread. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself.
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