Designer Revisions in Job


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Sep 15, 2019
When you are working as a designer, there must be some set limit on the amount of the revisions that should be done. The reason being more revisions that we do the client continues to push the goal post ahead. And that is one reason many designers and developers put some specific number on the revisions that they can do in the project. In fiverr gigs i  mostly allowed 5 revisions and charged for other more revisions. 

So I wonder how many of those revisions do you allow in the project?



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Dec 8, 2019
I have once asked this question at the Fiverr and Odesk forums. And the answer was that you have to come up with fixed number say 10 revisions for any project under 50 dollar. After that per 50 dollar continue to add 10 revisions. This is the only working solution, otherwise things just continue to pile up in your case.


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Apr 30, 2020
I don't think limiting revisions is a good idea generally, you should establish a contract which outlines that after a certain amount of time it may be worth calling off a project if a client isn't happy with something.

I think the best way is to ask for feedback, but don't count it as that's one change, that's another. It makes the work harder in my opinion to produce.