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Jul 30, 2019
A small update for you guys. We passed 3000 posts a day or two ago and we're already on our way to hitting our next big milestone. We also recently surpassed 50 members which was nice. Feel free to come on over and check us out.

We are also hosting a special one-hour live chat with members of the community on the 19th of July at 8PM GMT. It will just be a general chat and everyone that comes along will get a special badge to show off on their profiles as well :) - https://discussionhub.io/threads/jo...-hub-live-meet-up-sunday-july-19-8pm-gmt.708/


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Jul 22, 2020
Nice work on your forum especially reaching 3000 posts and 50 members.
How bout adding a .net or a .com domain it might help drive more traffic to your site?