Do you allow goodbye threads?


Espresso Dependent
Nov 6, 2019
On some communities, members post their "goodbye" thread where they say goodbye to the forum or even say goodbye to the whole forum world. Do you allow these type of threads?

I try not to allow those as in my experience, it's an attention grabber and they come back a month later. :p It just brings down the overall morale of the community. What do you think?

Joshua Farrell

Active Member
Nov 17, 2019
There are a few users I have seen that have actually started these types of threads, just to do daily updates on themselves and nothing else, somehow expecting that the topic will "take off", with half of the posts coming from the thread starter, doing the "update" posts, on what they are doing exactly at that moment, as if it was a blog thread that wasn't named appropriately for it.


Community Member
Feb 23, 2020
I think as you said that it will affect the morale of the forum badly and may cause other users to leave.
I wouldn't permit such thread.


Administrator of Broken Things
Nov 20, 2019
I would like to think my users are smart enough to see threads like that for what they are - a waste of time. Worrying about it causing other users to leave would cause a reverberation through the userbase. They can smell fear!


Community Member
Sep 17, 2019
Yes i combined introductions as well as farewell threads in the same forum.


Community Member
Dec 2, 2019
I despise Goodbye threads! For the most part people leave because they've had a bad experience on the site and why would I want that drama to continue to play out as someone seeks sympathy for their leaving? Most of the time people have had their feelings hurt because someone else didn't agree with their opinion. To them, just leave. Don't seek attention. Don't put my forum down.


Active Member
May 10, 2020
We do not, we advise users just to leave. Their always welcome to return at any time! :)

I personally believe, despite what you say, this would have a significant effect on the atmosphere of the forum and may encourage other users to leave. As a webmaster, I would never allow this type of message as I'm afraid it could have a negative impact on my online community.


They see me breakin’
May 2, 2020
We do not allow goodbye threads.
As others have said, just leave. You're always welcome back, but we don't need you to make a scene out of your departure.

In the words of my good friend Walter, get your s*** and get out: