How do you recon the content is plagiarized?


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May 31, 2020
When I see a content and feel like I have read it before or see something too bookish I try to check it if it's been stolen from others. In 90% cases I find them coming from other websites. Do you have the same experience and if your answer is in affirmative then what do you do to find the original source? I have my own ways to find the source of content without using any online site or tools. What about you?   



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Sep 17, 2019
Took few sentences and Google it. If there is match, you will probably find rest of it on same place. Simple Google Search can discover many things.



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Sep 15, 2019
Copyscape and Grammarly type services can  be a good option in such case. I know for sure that you can find few percentage of the copied content through this option. You can also copy some content from the article and google it, they can find the duplicate content too. 



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Jul 22, 2020
This is good advice. I didn't know there were tools to check on things like this. Google of course is probably the best and fastest one to use. Hopefully you don't have to use it too much.