How good is Twitter Traffic?


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Sep 15, 2019
I have noticed a lot of changes in the twitter traffic recently in my google analytics. I get traffic from specific articles being shared on twitter. I have yet to find out the value of the twitter. I mean I have no idea if those users are reading or buying or clicking on ads. As I am not reading those metrics yet because I don't think this traffic is worth it. I am wondering if anyone who operated their sites have got any decent traffic from twitter. 

Do you think traffic from twitter has any value?



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Sep 17, 2019
Yes it has. You get views on your site, right? So your post have some value. Check how many retweets you have, try choose better hashtags. While I was in adult niche, Twitter was good source of traffic for me.



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Jul 22, 2020
Alot of people say Twitter is still one of the busiest social media platforms out there so it should give you traffic. Getting to get people to sign up? That's a different story.