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Dec 8, 2019
I closed my linkedin account. The reason being most of the folks just wanted to boast their connections. A lot of spam. And a lot of irrelevant offers. Like recently came across one HR offer - she wanted Deno expert 4 years experience. Meanwhile Deno just came out of beta and released version 1.
That's LinkedIn for you.


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May 10, 2020
I'm registered on Linkedin but I haven't got round to setting up my portiflo yet. I just haven't the time, although this is something on my to-do-list to complete in the next week, or two. I'll be sure to connect with you once everything has been set up.


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Apr 30, 2020
I did use to have it a while ago but it's just awful. So much crap on there. It's nearly worse than Facebook and that's a stretch.


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Sep 26, 2019
I have a LinkedIn setup as the company I work for is on there. I use it mostly as an online resume more than I do any socializing on there.
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Aug 5, 2020
Reading some of those comments made me even more glad that I never signed up for LinkedIn. I figured I don't need it. I'm old school like that.


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Jul 22, 2020
I made a profile on it I think the first or 2nd year it first came out. I have yet to use it. I probably have a lot of requests on there lol.