Accepted Marketplace Rules


That's Numberwang!
Nov 20, 2019
Yeah so I was reading the marketplace rules. I’d advise a couple of changes:

Firstly: Ownership: This needs to be broadened to include businesses owned (or operated) by the people making the threads. Legally, the “but you own the business” doesn’t mean anything. Businesses are, for their own intents and purposes separate entities. You’d be suing a business for wrongdoing/negligence/etc. What the current rules wouldn’t allow is, say, Chris’ webhost from posting, or me from posting as I’m not selling a product that I own, nor is Chris. We’re selling products that the business owns.

Secondly, payments; I’d advise black-banning payments through your website where you’ve recommended that they don’t use those payment methods. Keep your members safe as much as you can.