Material Design


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Sep 15, 2019
Google has released the Material design framework for people to use. However I have noticed that the designs made by the material designs are broken in context of each block ending up making use of the scroll bar. Which is kind of annoying. So those who are making use of the material design I am wondering if they love to use in designs without breaking their designs in scrollbars and the frames. 

Have you used material design framework for website?



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Sep 28, 2019
I have used Material designs for building websites.The look and feel of this design is very modern and sleek,the animations and the textures are soothing to the senses,but at the same time I have experienced glitches sometimes (like the scrollbar issues as you described) and some browsers seem not to render the elements properly sometimes.



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Sep 15, 2019
My problem with the material design is that it adds up a lot of white space. Look at the youtube. Too much whitespace and empty. And the thing is that you can easily reuse the space wasted with more elements. It's just that it does not look good. And it adds more complexity if you ask me. I prefer to use the framework that does not add more of the frames in the page. 



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Dec 8, 2019
I think material design is a bit too much white spaced. For example YouTube new layout has a lot of frames and also white space. You may notice that in such case material design is a bit too much for my taste. In such case I'd say that compared to bootstrap and foundation CSS, you may see that Material design is not long term worthy.


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Apr 30, 2020
I do like Material Design but you shouldn't use it unless you're making Google or Android based products as otherwise you'll end up making your own branding the same as Google's. Whilst they (Google), have marketed it as something for everyone to use, it really should only be used by Google as it's branded to meet their style guidelines.