Official New Team Member: Katos


That's Numberwang!
Nov 20, 2019
Hey all,

As you will be aware, we recently opened applications for our Community Engagement Team.

We received a range of applications from a number of qualified applicants. We have made the choice to welcome @Katos to our team. Katos comes to us with a wide and varied range of experience in many different areas including management of servers and communities. We believe he was the most suitable candidate for this role at this time.

Thank you to all applicants. We hope to open applications again soon.
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They see me breakin’
May 2, 2020
Thank you all for the kind words, and thanks to @s3_gunzel and @Thomasss
I am eager to step into the role and continue to grow the community as best as I can. I look forward to the future and am glad that I can be a part of the great things to come!