Photoshop or GIMP?


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Sep 15, 2019
I learned photoshop back in 2004s or around I remember. It was a good software learning experience at that time. In fact the software was pretty much not much established at that point. But then over a period of time the software started becoming more popular and many other companies came out with their own brands of photoshop clone. Recently one completely free and open source software also came out in the market. This software was known as GIMP. Many people who can't afford photoshop makes use of them. 

So if you have used both softwares, then which one is your favorite?



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May 31, 2020
I have never used Gimp, as I always have been a fan of Photoshop. Just a shame it costs so much money nowadays. 



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Jul 30, 2019
I've never really used GIMP, but I've used PhotoShop for quite some time. Nowadays, I use mainly use Sketch or Adobe XD to design, but sometimes I still use PhotoShop as well. 



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Dec 8, 2019
I can't say much about GIMP considering my limited exposure. But the GIMP was pretty much hard to navigate due to the interface. That seems to be the issue with the open source community. They are extremely bad at the design. And that's one more reason Adobe seems to be having more control over the market.


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Apr 30, 2020
I don't have Photoshop anymore but I would chose that over Gimp. It's much more sophisticated and has been tooling for complex jobs. The only problem is that it's so darn expensive though.