Plesk or cPanel?


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Feb 5, 2020
I used cPanel for many years when I was on shared hosting, and I think VPS.  When I switched to a fully dedicated server, I was give Plesk.  Wow, it is far superior and offers way more control over the server.   I'll never go back! hehe


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Sep 26, 2019
Well, any software that is free would lower the cost of hosting (probably). That's something to consider.


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Jul 22, 2020
I use paid hosting and the company that I'm using they have Cpanel in the hosting so I've been using Cpanel. I like it.


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Jul 28, 2020
If I had to choose a GUI control panel I would be Plesk. It's less expensive than cPanel, more user-friendly, faster, and less cluttered. I used cPanel for a long time. Once they raised their prices I swapped around for a few different control panels and finally settled on Plesk.

A few honorable mentions are:

CentminMod (highly recommend)

Sentroa is a shame. Could be a great cPanel clone. It doesn't support php 7.x lol So I would stay away from unfortunately.
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