Posting and Referral Contest!


Espresso Dependent
Nov 6, 2019
Hi all!

We're ready to announce our next event! We wanted to give back to all of you - we'll be back donating to charity in no time! ;)

We're running two contests, a posting contest and a referral contest. These contests run until July 31st! Everyone is enrolled - each post you make will be counted. Once someone reaches 250 posts, a trophy will be awarded. You'll have a shiny new badge! :)

When you refer someone, please ensure they complete the referred by field upon registration, and follow up with a PM to myself when they reach the required posts! :)

Let me know if you have any questions - and get to posting! To whomever pulls the first win from one of the contests, we'll match what you win and make a donation to your favorite charity! Want more? We'll throw in a free domain registration for one year as an added bonus (max $12 domain fee).

Thank you for being part of the community! ❤

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Administrator of Broken Things
Nov 20, 2019
From my side: We thought long and hard about how we could give back to the community this time, rather than donating all the money to a charity. We do value each and every contribution to this board and it’s incumbent upon us to try to give back where we can.
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Espresso Dependent
Nov 6, 2019
Just to clarify, does only the first person to reach 250 posts/refer 3 people win or everyone that does so wins the prizes?

The first person to create 250 posts wins the $50, and the first person to refer 3 people wins $35.

The domain and charity donation will be given to whoever can win either contest first. :) If that makes sense?
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