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Sep 15, 2019
In past I used to the features and the functions of the Yoast SEO. But recently noticed that the guy has started adding too many notices and the ads for his services in the plugin. I don't want those features. So recently I moved to the All in One SEO. And so far that move turns out to be lot better for me. I have also managed to remove those notices and also the free version is pretty much same as the Yoast SEO. So that is new plugin I prefer to use now. 

Which Plugin for SEO you use on WordPress setup?



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May 31, 2020
I use the all in one seo as well. Overall a good plugin.

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Sep 15, 2019
Yes the best part about the plugin is that it has low resources compared to the Yoast. That's one more reason I have moved to that plugin. Also I think some themes have in settings for the SEO but I often ignore those options. For example, StudioPress themes have the SEO settings in Genesis Framework but I have decided not to use that. 



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Apr 30, 2020
I think there are a few SEO plugins that you can use that will do the job, although the SEO plugins tend to just inject meta content into the HTML of the page, so if you know enough HTML and a bit of PHP you can add it in yourself.

Yoast used to be good, but when they started adding ads into the back-end for everything I quickly dropped it.


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Jul 22, 2020
Does SEO really work for forums? I have heard opinions from both sides. Some people think it does while others think it doesn't really help the forum.