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Brad P

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Jun 27, 2020
Hello Forumer!

I'm looking for some feedback on my site ChatBanter.

I have gone with a light theme because i feel it looks clean and easy on the eyes, however we have a dark them as well that can be selected. I'm interested to know what you think and appreciate any feedback on how to improve!

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Nov 6, 2019
Personally, I would make the logo bigger and make a retina responsive version of your logo for those with screens that support that. Most of XenForo currently supports retina images. :)

I LOVE this part:

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 11.12.13 PM.png

Otherwise, I am a fan of the theme. I think it's simple and light, not too much color which I do not think is a horrible thing. It makes the theme simple and basic without making it look bland.

I would suggest making your colored username the same as the banner - you want to be uniform in the colors you use. Maybe make the blue a lighter blue like the one in your header?

Dark theme:

I'm not usually a fan of the dark theme - there's a few suggestions I have for that:

  1. I wouldn't use the same header as your light theme. The trio-colored header, while dull and dark already, doesn't match with the dark theme. Try making it a trio of gray/black.
  2. Your username is too dark on the dark theme. I'd add CSS in your extra.css on the dark theme to make it a lighter color if you're going to stick with it.
  3. The only thing separating a post from the background is the already dark borders. There is no contrast throughout the whole theme, which is important to make a dark theme work. Take our's for example - there is a lot of contrast between dark and lighter dark - which helps. Same thing with the login/register boxes mentioned above - notice the contrast on the light theme? Should be the same on the dark theme.

Just some suggestions! :) Overall, the theme does look quite nice!