Special "Things" For Staff? Long Term Staff?


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Mar 9, 2020
Do you do anything special for your staff members, like a lapel pin or paying for hosting/domain renewals, etc? Do you offer anything in return for being on the staff team of your forum? How do you keep your staff around for the "long term" and send your appreciation to them?


They see me breakin’
May 2, 2020
Previously, we've done merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts and landyards for the staff on their anniversaries.


Whipped Cream
Apr 30, 2020
I think it’d be cool but the site would have to be around for a very long time to warrant it I think.


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May 10, 2020
We don't offer anything financially when it comes to anniversaries. At the moment, I celebrate this kind of event publicly with the community under our "News and Announcements section". Personally, I believe it's important to recognise team members when something positive occurs, whether it's good working performance or their anniversary.
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