To use Content Schedulers, or not to.

Joshua Farrell

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Nov 17, 2019
If you were to use a addon specific to your forum software (heck, or even third party posting programs that are secure and will work with up to date paid and free forum softwares, that have the ability to schedule what you want to be posted on a forum, at a specific time) to schedule topics in advance, would you?

I have been thinking about this over the past 4 years, since actively involving myself in the moderation and administration of forums (like Forum Promotion), where certain things needs to be planned out; if there are recurring or planned announcements to be done. I have been tempted to purchase a third party software that has a decent upgrade schedule, and looks to be stable. This has been something that I have been wanting, that would be something that would certainly help with posting things out on specific dates, as like with everyone else, I tend to occasionally forget I need to check the date and see if I need to post an announcement relating to something at that time.


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Jul 22, 2020
It depends if you have to pay for that software and how much it is or if you can use the free version. You do bring up some good points but I think if the forum is small enough then you don't really need to use something like that.