What do you use for hosting?


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Dec 8, 2019
I have one hosting with the Hawkhost and another VPS plan with the OVH. I have mostly used the Hawkhost for hosting my WordPress blog. But mostly another VPS account that I got is for the testing SSH and similar testing purpose.I will someday try to use this account for completely deploying some of my pet projects.


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Nov 16, 2019
Depends on your project really. If it's just a blog or a small forum, I'd stick with shared hosting. I've rarely needed more resources than what a shared host can offer me, but maybe that says more about me than anything.
Pick a good web host if you're going with Shared Hosting. Not all Shared is the same!
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Nov 6, 2019
I run my projects off of a VPS server - more resources than one usually needs, but it's come in handy when running half hour backups of the whole server while still delivering the same speed for everyone. If you have the money, I'd suggest investing into a VPS that goes 1 notch over what you think you'll need. Saves you time when needing to upgrade and gives you room to work around on and not affect anything.


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Jun 29, 2020
I moved to squidix because of the 24-hour support they once offered through help chat. While that is no longer available I have never had any problems and the uptime is tremendous so I still remain.